Last Wednesday night my school ran a Gratitude night that was run by author Dannielle Miller. I went along as I felt it was something I should do, to show support for my school. Little did I realise the effect that the talk by Dannielle aka – @MillerDannielle would have on me.

To be honest I left feeling that I needed to be more proactive about my own gratitude and happiness and I resolved take part in a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge as suggested by Dannielle. How could I not after watching this clip? Watch it and you will understand:


Below is a 21 Day Challenge PDF:

I resolved to take part in this challenge. Where possible I will use the hashtag #gratitudechallenge and I would love it if any of my PLN would like to join me.

I have used the PDF found at and I take no credit for creating. I’m just hoping to benefit emotionally from it. Fingers crossed, looking excited.




Just as we were about to start Dannielle Miller posted a copy of he image below. It is a bit more twitter friendly and will be the Gratitude Challenge format that I use. Feel free to use either one. And start when it suits you! I began on Monday as I needed the weekend to be up to being nice! Gosh, I’m too much of a grump! Hey? Maybe I really need this.


Let us know if you are doing this and how you are going with it! It would be great if we could support each other! We will be using the hashtag– #gratitudechallenge


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  1. Raelene

    Right up my alley! Loving your blog!
    Going to try this with my students who are regular gratitude sharers.


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