This episode features Jena Ball, Marty Keltz and Nick Brierley. In the second part of a three part interview, we take a close look at what the Not Perfect Hat Club is as they detail their vision for what the NPHC could become.


You can find Marty on Twitter here. You can find Jena on Twitter here.

Find more information about the Not Perfect Hat Club at! The links to various versions of the Not Perfect Hat Club theme song can be found here.


You can see some of Marty and Jena’s Second Life work on YouTube including the Uncle D Story Quest, The Life and Times of Uncle D and their interview with one of the creators of Second Life here.


You can also read about Marty’s Critterkin road trip here, here, here and finally.. here!


This episode was produced and hosted by Nick Brierley.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the #aussieEDcast as we talk to Jacqui Whiting about her lessons involving Fishbowls and Backchannels.


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