As a teacher in the contemporary educational system, you have a responsibility to adapt to the changing needs and interests of your students. Teaching essay writing to students may seem like an impossible mission sometimes, but educational technology tools can always make that challenge easier for you.

Examine the following list of tools and start using the ones that would seamlessly fit into your classroom:

1. Daily Writing Tips: These tips may seem too advanced for young students, but they are certainly convenient for you. Before you can teach essay writing, you need to improve your own language skills. The daily dose of writing tips at this website will help you gain more confidence.

2. NinjaEssays: This custom writing service will support you when creating and editing textbooks and essay writing guides. In addition, you can rely on the professional writers when you need samples of properly-written essays on any topic. These samples can serve as an example of academic writing that complies with the standards of your school.

3. WrideaYour students’ minds are restless. When they are working on a particular essay project, they get more ideas than they could possibly incorporate into the text. Wridea is a convenient idea management service that enables its users to collect and share the ideas with friends. As a result, your students can capture all ideas and organize them into a logical outline.

4. Sunday ScribblingsIf you want to encourage your students to write the most creative essays, you need an effective motivational tool. Sunday Scribblings is a constant source of inspiration. Although the blog is no longer being updated, you can easily find prompts in the archive, which contains the sources of 400 weeks of writing.

5. The Story Starter: This tool can help you create fun environment in your class, while motivating your students to work on their writing skills. With a single click, you will get a random story starter sentence that can result with interesting essays written by individual students or teams.

6. RhymeBrain.comThis tool is especially fun for young students. They can make their projects more interesting and get inspired to write more by finding rhymes for nearly all words they can think of. The tool works in multiple languages.

7. Plagiarism CheckerYou don’t want any plagiarism in the work of your students. The routines they establish at this point will determine the overall development of their essay writing skills. Recommend them to use this plagiarism checker and make sure their essays are completely unique before the final submission.

8. The One-Minute Writer: You can use this tool to teach your students to follow their instincts when writing. The One-Minute Writer provides daily prompts that need to be completed within 60 seconds. You can feel free to use these prompts during classes; they will help you inspire your students and follow their progress.

9. MixedInkThis free collaborative tool will make writing less scary and more fun. Create teams of students and allow them to join forces when working on a project. MixedInk will enable them to work together in an inspiring virtual environment.

10. I Write LikeWhen your students finally complete their essays, you can use this tool that analyzes their writing style and compares it with the work of famous writers. Thus, each student will see which famous writer wrote in similar manner.

If you manage to make the essay writing process more amusing, you will help your students establish a foundation they can build skills upon. There is nothing scary in essay assignments, but you need to find a way to explain that to the class. The 10 tools listed above will support you on that mission.

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