A few days ago my #aussieED colleague and friend, Rob McTaggart (@robmctaggart) challenged me to blog every day that remained of the school holidays. He knows that while I charge head first into many things, I always baulk at writing.I always opt to speak rather than write… At every staff meeting I always whisper to my team mates, “You scribe, I’ll do the verbal feedback.”Why do I do this?Possibly a throwback to the worried ESL child me who does want to make mistakes in front of people and be critiqued too harshly and feel embarrassed? Perhaps it’s the fact that my handwriting looks like a 10 year old boys? But if that’s the case surely typing solves the issue. Sometimes I feel that I may not have the skills to eloquently describe my ideas. If I’m honest, I also worry that maybe my ideas are too boring for others to find interesting enough to read.Where did Rob get this Blogging challenge idea from. Well, it came from Winnie J Kao who is the special projects leader for Seth Godin. Apparent Seth said to her, “Every day that you don’t blog, you fail!”That’s a pretty hash line but it certainly does promote a response (of one type or the other).I’ve watched the video below a few times now and my response is….. well I’m blogging now aren’t I?


P.S. I did actually blog yesterday so I am being sneaky and using that as my first blog of the challenge.

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