This week I began my 18th year of teaching (whoa just realised this) and I am pleased to say I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone and into a younger class than I’ve taught in ages.

As such, it was with great excitement that I began the year. ‘Coupled’ (yes I’ve seen too many episodes of Thomas the Tank) with the holidays leading up to this week I searched around for new ways of doing things. How can I be the best teacher in 2015 that I can be?

The answer came to me from Remind. Remind is a free service and appears to be huge in America with 1 in 5 teachers using the remind service over there.

What is Remind (formally called Remind101)? Remind is an online service (and SMART phone app) that allows teachers to easily connect with their students and parents easily.

Literally you just:
-Set up a class ( the same as you may do in edmodo, etc)
-Invite people to join your class (You can email the link, print out a QR code and so on…)
-I downloaded the Remind app and I can send messages straight from my phone
-Now I can instantly send messages if Sport day changes etc. But more importantly, I can easily (and instantly) use this tool to build relationships. Imagine being at your desk at work and seeing a push notification on your phone from your child’s teacher telling you that ‘Brianna’ is doing really well with fractions in class.

The ‘relationship’ building aspect of the free Remind service is what blew me away! Those who follow my usual blog would know that lately I’ve been writing about how we should be using technology to connect humanity. Well that is what Remind does!

I’ve also been talking to Maggie (one of the #aussieED superstars) who was lucky enough to visit Remind offices on a recent trip to the states. There she was able to meet Clara and Rachel who are very active on Twitter and are great people to connect with.

Maggie told me about how her school, which is from a lower socio-economic area, are planning on using Remind to connect with the whole school community. The simple fact that Remind is free and very easy to use makes it a tool that I am sure will EXPLODE in popularity in the Southern Hemishere.

If you would like to join the #aussieED Remind class click HERE

Love the idea of joining Remind? Why not CLICK HERE and set up a class of your own?


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