The Goal: Interview 50 of the most innovative educators so that teachers can access them from around the globe.

Creative Writing with the Night Zoo Keeper!

The latest #aussieED  "Meet the Innovator" episode where we meet the @nightzookeeper and learn all about the 'World Creative Writing Challenge" to be held this March. Make sure you visit the NightZooKeeper website here:

Tagtiv8 — Active learning games

I met the creator of Tagtiv8, Bryn Llewellyn, on his recent trip to Australia. I was very impressed with his concept that connected the activity and learning. To learn more about this I connected with Bryn. His website is here A quote from the Tagtiv8...

The #NotPerfectHatClub

Today I got to talk with emmy award winner Marty Keltz and author of multiple books Jena Ball. We spoke about their history, commitment to the uniqueness of individual children and their joint project the #NotPerfectHatClubIf you would like more details visi...