I put these tear off posters around the school on the last day of term. 20 students have been to the online Google form and expressed their interest. We have a Code Club!


Based on the Code Club website, it seems we’re the first one in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Code Club starts first week back next term.

So why do kids want to join our Code Club?

  • As I am interested in learning more coding.
  • I would love to learn how to code lots of things
  • I like coding
  • I would like to learn how to code and do other stuff and also because I really like doing it.
  • I want to join because i want to Make games and websites
  • I would like to make computer games and websites.
  • I’d really like to learn how to create games and animations coding also a good skill to have and if I don’t end up becoming a would like to work in the gaming industry.
  • because I would like to learn new and amazing things
  • I’ve never done coding before(well not really) and I think it will be fun.
  • because i want to work with computers when i grow up
  • i really wanna make a game
  • because i love coding
  • Because technolegy is my passion and i think its awesome
  • “to learn more about technology and improve my blog and make it AWESOME!!!!!!!☺ ☻☺”
  • It sounds interesting and I want to be able to code things.
  • Because I like computers and learn a lot about code and make super cool games and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!
  • It sounds really fun
  • Because I love computers and codeing.
  • I think it could be interesting and I could learn alot!
  • i want to join because i love code

They seem like pretty great reasons to me. If it seems weird that so many kids are talking about loving coding (computer programming) at our school, it may be because they’ve all had a good foundation this term in coding using the fabulous site code.org. If you haven’t seen it yet, take the time. It’s a great way to introduce students to computation and coding. It’s very visual, incorporates short videos from celebrities and makes it easy to track your class. It’s been the solid start I’ve been looking for as a foundation for taking our students forward in computational awareness. We can now build on that using other visual programming software such as Alice, Scratch or MIT App Inventor.

If there’s any more interest we might have to run two sessions each week. Perhaps one for years 3-4 and another for years 5-6. Or maybe it would be better to mix up the ages and allow students to come when they’re available. Whatever… I’m excited!

Oh, and of those 20 kids, 12 are girls!!

About The Author

Primary Technologies Teacher

Rob McTaggart teaches Technologies from K-6 in Newcastle, Australia. He is co-founder of the Digital Sparks regional student technology design challenge & expo. Rob is a Google for Education Certified Innovator who loves to help students to engage and create with the world using technology. He developed the RAPID Design framework to support students and teachers in these aims. Rob is a moderator for #aussieED and plays a logistics role for the team, managing the website and various channels. He is an ambassador and teacher trainer for Code Club Australia and runs a local Code Club for his students. His main gig is teaching 550 amazing kids every week which makes him a very lucky teacher!

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