In the spirit of getting things done, I’m sharing with you a daybook for term 1, 2015. It’s big – definitely for the person that likes to be able to plan out their day and have ample room to record information.
If people are interested, I’ll be happy to make more for the remainder of the year. Please give feedback on how it can be improved.Instructions:
1. Download the PDF file below.
2. Open it.
3. On the front page, add your name, class and further information to the available fields or leave them blank.
4. Print the document double-sided with “actual size” selected in your PDF viewer.
5. Bind the daybook. A clear plastic cover and coloured card for the back page works well.
6. Tie one, two or three ribbons (longer than the book) to the binding to use as bookmarks.


Download File

If you would prefer to make your own from scratch, check out the Philofaxy website where I sourced a lot of the templates from:
Happy new school year everyone!

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Primary Technologies Teacher

Rob McTaggart teaches Technologies from K-6 in Newcastle, Australia. He is co-founder of the Digital Sparks regional student technology design challenge & expo. Rob is a Google for Education Certified Innovator who loves to help students to engage and create with the world using technology. He developed the RAPID Design framework to support students and teachers in these aims. Rob is a moderator for #aussieED and plays a logistics role for the team, managing the website and various channels. He is an ambassador and teacher trainer for Code Club Australia and runs a local Code Club for his students. His main gig is teaching 550 amazing kids every week which makes him a very lucky teacher!

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