Globally connected classrooms

Such an easy term to say but what does it mean?

Let’s begin with an inspiring quote by Christian Long:

“How big is my classroom?  Four walls or to the horizon line?”  

If you aren’t familiar with Christian Long I recommend watching his TEDx Talk below on: Re-imagining Students as Agents of Change.

Now I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I am going on record as saying that Christian Long GOT IT WRONG!!!!
Well maybe not wrong, because I’m a fan of his work, but perhaps that statement doesn’t go far enough? Is a classroom bigger than the horizon line? In fact, in today’s world do classrooms need to stretch over the horizon line? Do we need more -Truly- Global Classrooms?

It is easy to just simply say, “Yes,” but what does that mean. The truth is that just loading up classrooms with technology is not the solution. That can be overwhelming for teachers and students alike. Teachers who are uncomfortable, or unready, to make a mindshift towards a Globally Connected Classroom will not create an environment fertile enough for new ideas like this to grow and thrive. Likewise, students who aren’t prepared can find themselves in all sorts trouble online. I simply need to mention terms like kik, facebook or instagram and all teachers can predict some of the difficulties.

So if a Globally Connected Classroom has this many issues, why do it?

The answer in my mind requires a real mindshift….

You see I think that we need to forget the data, the apps, the endless information and videos of squirrels water-skiing we need to see that we can:

‘Use technology to Connect Humanity’

Tomorrow I will examine exactly what this means and I’ll look to give real practical tips on how to achieve it. I look forward to getting stuck into that practical side of things then.
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  1. Rob McTaggart

    I so love how Christian Long keeps talking about students thinking and designing and doing at the speed of ‘what if’! What an inspiring approach to learning!


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