This is a TEDx video of Seth Godin asking the question that just doesn’t get asked enough, “what is school for?”. I hadn’t seen this video until now, though I did read his book, Stop Stealing Dreams, last year. Any teacher that puts at least some of these ideas into action in their work will be pushing the envelope, I think, in a very positive away. What do you think?

In leiu of that, I’m going to take a crack at implementing each of these steps, in at least one small way, in my teaching. I’ll report back on how it goes.

Special call out to Raspberry Pi users. Are you teaching with these?

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Primary Technologies Teacher

Rob McTaggart teaches Technologies from K-6 in Newcastle, Australia. He is co-founder of the Digital Sparks regional student technology design challenge & expo. Rob is a Google for Education Certified Innovator who loves to help students to engage and create with the world using technology. He developed the RAPID Design framework to support students and teachers in these aims. Rob is a moderator for #aussieED and plays a logistics role for the team, managing the website and various channels. He is an ambassador and teacher trainer for Code Club Australia and runs a local Code Club for his students. His main gig is teaching 550 amazing kids every week which makes him a very lucky teacher!

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