I am on the most epic journey of my life.

My brain has been fried. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I’ve so much work ahead of me but I’ve never been more happier in my whole life.

The past few days I have taken part in the Google Teacher Academy. 50 amazing educators from across Australia and New Zealand were chosen and I was lucky enough to be one of them! Out of the 50, 4 were a part of the #aussieED team. Pretty cool huh?

There were so many faces I had recognised from on(the)line, so many faces from the application videos I had watched and I couldn’t help but feel a little edu-star struck. (at one point I was all “OMG I’M HAVING LUNCH WITH HAMISH CURRY AND WE’RE QUOTING AUSTIN POWERS!!”)

In the week leading up to GTA I started to read Ewan McIntosh’s book ‘How to Come up with Great Ideas, and Actually Make them Happen’ it got me really excited for the days ahead, but above all it got me to be really ambitious. I was not going to hold back at GTA, and I don’t think I will ever again. I went in guns blazing (I even got told to settle down at one point, pfffftt, as if I would). I was enthusiastic, spoke about a mile a minute and spoke very loudly at that.

There are so many issues that face education today and that’s the reason that we were all there. To make our Moonshot Ideas a reality.
There was no time to sto

But my biggest take away from the GTA is that I have grown so much as a person and not just a teacher. I have been shut down so many times in my life for many things. I have been made to feel small. I have questioned my own beliefs and changed who I am, my very essence to suit others. I have not been able to have the courage to stand up for myself.

At one point of the first day I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom (partly because I had drunk so much coke and coconut water) but I needed to just compose myself. I walked into the cubicle and wiped away a few tears. I was charged with emotion because I felt like I belonged. I was there to make a difference, I was making a difference. I was supported.

Thank you Suan and Adam for the silly putty.
Thank you for the comradeship Team Giant Leap, you have helped me grow.
Thank you Brett, Maggie, Rob and Alfina for a wonderful team to be bouncing off everyday.
Thank you Matt for being the mentor that I hope to be.
Thank you Tom and Hamish for choosing, challenging and inspiring me.

– Kimberley
(originally published: teachmisssutton.com)

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