Download ICT capability learning continuum – simple version for printing

Australian schools are undergoing more changes than ever before in response to new curricula, advances in technology and changing expectations. Teachers expecting to manage and track the development of their students’ ICT skills don’t have any one syllabus to guide them (yet). Instead, relevant outcomes are chosen as general capabilities, one of which is the ICT general capability.

As a teacher, these are difficult to manage. Tracking outcomes and their markers within each subject is one thing, but it can seem like the general capabilities pop up all over the place without any real scope or sequence. The ICT capability learning continuum gives this scope and sequence. It is organised into five interrelated elements:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating ICT

The continuum can be viewed on the ACARA website as a PDF and an interactive page. I find both rather difficult to read. They also print badly across pages.

I have put together a more readable version for printing. I removed the examples and the linked outcomes and added stages rather than less meaningful ‘levels’.

Download it, print it, stick it on your wall.

And get your students investigating, communicating and creating!

I’m still getting to know the continuum. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until a really great workshop by Mark Woolley (@MrWoolley) at the recent Sydney GAFE Summit. He showed the attendees that there’s a lot in there if you make the time and effort. From the feedback of those attending the workshop, it seemed many students were not demonstrating at stage level in most clusters. Mark suggests this may be a case of students not being given a chance to demonstrate the capability. At what levels in the continuum are your students demonstrating?

If there’s an interest, I’ll put together an interactive online version with the examples and linked outcomes, sort of like the DEC Literacy Continuum. It could also link to the NSW BOS website for matching NSW outcomes. #ghostofdone

Download ICT capability learning continuum – simple version for printing

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