ISTE was a brilliant experience. That simple sentence sums up my recent trip to Denver, Colorado. With 20, 000 teachers attending one venue with the duel purpose to learn and share how can you go wrong. I was lucky enough to land in the USA with a brand new surface, on loan from Microsoft Edu. This blog features the two best Microsoft tools that I experimented with on my trip. One was Sway, the other was OneNote.

I met an awesome guy called Kyle Calderwood. We had been in contact online a number of times but meeting in person was something special.  In the link HERE I documented some of my favourite take-aways from the ISTE teachmeet using One Note. This was achieved with ease thanks to the awesome people who help co-create a joint-doc.

My first serious taste of #ISTE2016 and what an educational buffet it was, was the ‘Mobile Mega-Share’. The Mobile Mega Share consisted of about 30 tables of passionate teachers sharing the tools that they use and love. The set up was simple. One host sat at each table with about 8 chairs. Sessions were arranged so teachers could visit a host’s table for a 40min sharing session. You got to play, talk, question and learn. Then, much like the Mad Hatter at Tea Time, time was called and we all changed places. There was so much exposure to new tools and importantly ‘appropriate ways’ to embed the use of these tools in the classroom.









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