A new phrase for Education:

‘Overpowered Ed Tools’

When planning an upcoming #aussieED chat, I may have inadvertently introduced a new term or phrase to the education world.  I had been discussing several weeks ago the term ‘Overpowered’ with Rob McTaggart.  I had been looking for a way to describe tech tools that can be used in the classroom that have a greater impact than expected.

The term ‘overpowered’ is actually very common in the gamer world. It is used by gamers when a tool or in-game setting gives you a greater advantage than an ordinary setting should. This new tool,  technique or setting gives the player a disproportionate  boost. It has more power than it should. Hence the term ‘overpowered’!

An overpowered tool or technique in the classroom would have give the teacher that same benefit that gamers experience. It would give a disproportionate boost to the learning that is occurring in the room. The beauty is that just as all children are different teacher and students; the tools that connect with them will be different too. By this I mean that different tools will work for different teachers and cohorts.

What Now?

I am on a mini mission find what ‘Overpowered’ Ed tips, tools or techniques are being used by teachers. I would love to capture that knowledge and share it with as many members of my PLN as I can.

I’m  looking forward to the  upcoming overpowered Aussie ad chat and I hope you will be looking forward to the summary that I create and share following that chat.


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