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Brett Salakas here. Last year a few classes at my school got involved in the Creative Writing Month that Night Zookeeper run. The kids loved it and wrote loads! Here is some information that you may all be interested in.
March is World Creative Writing Month hosted by our friends at Night Zookeeper. Last year children from around the world worked together to write 1.2 million words! The competition introduces children to ten different writing styles: stories, letters, newspaper reports and more.
Impact research showed that some children made a year’s worth of progress with their writing in just one term, off the back of the excitement of World Creative Writing Month!
Watch this years challenge being set. https://edu.nightzookeeper.com/night-times
Last year a class from Bolton in the UK were crowned champions having written over 100,000 words and produced some amazing stories. Can an Australian school win this year?
Very best of luck!
Night Zookeeper Josh

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