This year our school has implemented a differentiated program of individually tailored professional development.

We found that this strategy was central to our mission (pursuing excellence in education) as it was the single most important school-based factor that the school could control.

Staff feedback over the last few years showed that teachers appreciate extended time to work on particular real world projects that apply to their learning, an opportunity to choose their interest, working to learn from and support peers.

As a result of this feedback we tailored our professional development based on staff requirements.

  • Project Based Learning
  • Flipped Learning
  • Creativity
  • Visible Thinking
  • Foundation ICT Skills
  • Advanced ICT Skills
  • Differentiation
  • Christian Education

So how does this connect to the aussieED blog?

In conducting the Advanced ICT Skills group I found that many of the conversations and questions raised had been also discussed there. As I showed my team the twitter chat archives they were amazed to see conversations around genius hour, gamification, using GAfE, feedback and assessment and globally connected classrooms.

I found the discussions around Meet the Innovators and the AussieEDcasts were very positive especially as it allowed them to not only just read the words but hear and see the interactions with these educational innovators.

The greatest moment of excitement was when they saw the PD + tab. Once the realization sunk in that we could accrue Teacher Identified Professional Development and there were digital badges to verify this they saw its potential to change the way they conducted their personal PD.


About The Author

Brian Host (@hostbrian) is a Junior School Classroom Teacher, ICT Integrator and Learning Coach for an Independent School in Sydney. He is married with two daughters and lives on the beautiful South Coast. He has been working in his current role for six years; previous to this he worked at a DET school and coached high-level gymnastics.

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