Kia ora koutou (hello everyone) from New Zealand … Brett Salakas asked me if I would like to do a guest blog for him and I have agreed. I didn’t tell Brett that I have never ‘blogged’ before – and I do look forward to Sunday night to learn more!

I love technology and all it enables. I have been so inspired reading this blog and browsing through #aussieEd and #EdChat by how social media is being used by educators that I realise it is time for me to step up into the blog-space and just DO IT. Firstly, congratulations to you all and I say lucky students being in the classes of people such as you who know the potential and the engagement that social media and online learning environments can bring to complement and enhance your classroom practices.

I am the academic director of our New Zealand Aspiring Principals’ Programme (NAPP) but it actually isn’t a “programme” but a comprehensive learning platform, involving peer coaching leadership, experienced leader coaching, reflective leadership e-portfolios with online coaching, online dialogue based on learning modules, Skype, Twitter and participation on two major New Zealand e-learning platforms. Although the technology supports our face-to-face work and enables flexible, anytime, personalised learning where leaders can share and create knowledge together, it also fulfils our aim that all future leaders in New Zealand schools will be digitally literate, confident and confident, and know the potential of technology to enable learning. Of course many of these leaders we work with, like you, already know that potential.

The most important part of our process has been having experienced leader-coaches who were willing to “learn the way” with their aspiring leaders – and we have all grown and developed in our engagement with this work as the years go by, working very differently than we were four years ago as we discover the potential from our participants. It has been a very good example to me of the challenge we always face in education “How do we get transformation?” when it is so easy just to reproduce the status quo. If we want transformative practices in our schools we need to cross the boundaries and find the spaces of innovation and be prepared to learn in them – the spaces between teacher and student, the spaces between one school and another, one teacher and another!, one country and another, one culture and another…

As leaders, we need to actively seek out these spaces for our own opportunities to change our mindsets and practices – to take ourselves outside the comfort zones of the known and be challenged by different perspectives, different viewpoints and different ways of being. What is your most recent experience of some Boundary Breaking leadership development?


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Leadership consultant, Waiheke Is. Senior researcher Uni of Waikato. Academic Director Aspiring Principals. My research and development is coaching leadership.

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  1. Brett Salakas

    Thanks Jan, I loved your book and I am happy to recommend it. I’ve also enjoyed connecting with you throughout the year.

    Hopefully I’ll get to visit you on your home turf in New Zealand one day soon. Well done on a great ‘1st’ blog post!!!


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