It is that time again. Old rivalries are set to be reignited. What better way to get ready for ANZAC Day than to have a friendly bet between #aussieED and #edchatNZ based on the result of the upcoming Cricket World Cup?

I’d love to see some suggestions for possible wagers… let the games begin…. If the Kiwi’s are brave enough that is!!!!

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  1. Jena Ball

    LOL. Throwing down the gauntlet I see. Why don’t we have a combined chat between #aussieEd and #edchatnz about healthy versus unhealthy competition? What defines both? How can we prepare our Ss for a competitive world, but still help them see and appreciate themselves and one another as unique and valuable?

    • Brett Salakas

      We have had a few combination chats already… with more to come

      There is no better sign of mate-ship than to be able to compete with them knowing that you’ll still be mates afterwards. That’s why aussies and kiwis get on so well.

      I do like the idea of a chat on competitiveness that would be an interesting topic.

  2. Steve Mouldey

    In the mindset of competition that could lead to more future collaboration I suggest the wager be as follows:

    Loser has to write a post that will go on both #edchatnz and #aussieED websites about what they like about the other chat/community. So after NZ wins, Brett writes a post on what he likes about #edchatnz for both websites 😉

    A friendly wager with a fun outcome that could also enable us to work together more in the future. Win-win really (for those of us not on the cricket field).

    • @leonie_hastings

      Great idea. I love both #aussieED & # edchatnz. So right @MRsalakas. Friendly banter.

    • Jena

      Thanks Rob. It’s a subject that really interests me since there is so much competition in real-world. How to help kids cope and feel good about themselves?


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