OK, so as part of my mission to reach and connect with parents who can’t always be at school for various reasons I was confronted with a challenge recently. My school will be hosting a Mathematics Information Night for parents soon, but…. How can I help reach the people who can’t be there????

The answer I came up with can also help parents everywhere and give teachers a whole new cache of ideas to use in their teaching repertoire.

I have therefore begun, ‘The Great Maths Challenge’. The challenge is to have educators share in a few minutes a simple idea that they use. This idea could help parents teach their children Maths at home or it could help other teachers in the classroom.


I would really love it if people could create a super short video and share it in the comments below. 5 or 6 videos would be awesome. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help make a really cool resource we can all benefit from.

Video of Challenge (The Challenge Explained):


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  1. Rob McTaggart

    Fantastic idea, Brett!
    When’s your maths night? I’d like to add something interesting – struggling to think back to when I was a maths tutor – but don’t want to miss the boat!

  2. Graham Andre

    What a brilliant idea Brett, i’ll be posting one or two suggestions..give me time to get my haircut and some ideas sorted 🙂


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