Last week the always-entertaining Deb Clarke, from Bound Round, invited a group of teachers along to test out a new venue as a possible excursion for part of the School Safari initiative that Deb is running.

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This time we went to a place called, The Mystery Puzzle – Sydney’s Real Life Escape Room.

For those who played the app, ‘THE ROOM” it is basically a real life version of that.

What do you do?

Basically, you are locked in a room with a bunch of friends. You are locked  in a themed room – we were in a Pirate room – and you need to discover clues, crack codes, find keys and basically figure out how on Earth you are going to ‘escape’ the room.


A teacher’s perspective:

The room was definitely lots of fun but younger students wouldn’t be able to handle the complexity of the challenges and clues. This would be an ideal place to bring ‘gifted primary students’ or any group of secondary students. There are obvious links to creative literary responses that one could do as follow up tasks. However, as a creative thinking/problem solving inspired excursion you would be hard pressed to find a more engaging destination for a class.


A child’s perspective:

I was lucky enough to be able to bring my son along for the night. I’ve asked him a few questions so we can get a kids point of view too.


What did you think of the Mystery Room?

I’d give it 8/10 it was lots of fun, I just wished we could have done more rooms.


Have you ever been on an excursion like this? Would you want to?

No, I haven’t been on good excursions since Year 2 and the places I went in Year 4 were really boring. I’d like to go here because it would be a good excursion.


What was the highlight of the night?

I liked cracking the codes.


What would you say to a teacher who is thinking of going to the Mystery Puzzle for an excursion?

Definitely go! It would be a really good excursion.

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