Up Periscope! Introduction to live streaming with Twitter

“I’m Periscoping!”

Earlier this month, I was inadvertently live streamed on Twitter. To thousands of users. What a prospect!Holly Clark, a fellow presenter at the EdTech Team’s Google Apps for Education Summit in Christchurch, had just arrived for set up at the Summit. Within minutes, she had her iPad out and was waving it around the room. She turned to face a group of us, asking us to say ‘Hi!’ to her audience. She was answering what I assumed were somebody’s questions out loud. “I’m Periscoping guys!” she told us.

Periscoping? What is periscoping? It turns out that it is a heck of a lot more popular than I had assumed.

Periscope is a medium for broadcasting live streams released on the App Store for iOS (fear not Android users, you may have an option to download a version soon!). Due to the increasing prevalence of free and open WiFi networks and increasing speeds and data limits available for 4G users, live streaming has become an accessible way for anyone to broadcast live video to anywhere in the world. Moreover, it will be used by tonight’s #aussieED chat moderator Don Wettrick as he leads a discussion about Genius Hour and Innovation in Learning.

How do I get started on Periscope?

Head over to the iTunes store for your free download. Due to Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope in January (for a reported $US100 million) , you will need a Twitter account to sign in. Once signed in with your Twitter details, there are four available options on the Periscope app for iPhone users:

View broadcasts from Periscopers you are following: Periscopes will of course be available to view live but will also be available for viewing for 24 hours after the broadcast has ended.

View broadcasts from Periscopers around the world: View and interact with Periscopers around the world. The most popular broadcasts will be available for anyone to drop in, view or ask a question using the chat interface at the bottom of the screen.

Broadcast your own Periscope: You may be initially prompted to allow Periscope to access your camera, microphone and location. You will be prompted to name your broadcast, how you want to share your broadcast and then it is simple as selecting ‘Start Broadcast’. Your broadcasts can be public, private to your followers or private to individuals that you select.

View your Periscope profile: When you link your Twitter account to Periscope, you should initially have access to all of your Twitter followers who use the app. Your profile picture and Twitter description should automatically be inserted when you link your account.

How else do I find a live Periscope?

You may be given a link via Twitter that will allow you to view the Periscope (can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop even without the Periscope app).

Want more information?

For Twitter users, periscopeEDU is an initiative from MCDPEL to assist educators to harness the potential of Periscope in education. You can also visit Periscope for broadcasts, tips and additional information. Follow the #periscope and #periscopeEDU hashtags for the most recent Periscope happenings.

Don Wettrick will be broadcasting via Periscope as he moderates tonight’s #aussieED discussion about Genius Hour and Innovation in Learning. Follow Don Wettrick tonight and look out for the live link to ask him questions live during the chat. Listen in for his responses as we discuss how we can make learning come alive in the classroom for our students.

– Nick Brierley (@mythsysizer)



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