Today I am going to write my entire blog peace using the voice typing feature on Google Docs stop. to keep the blog authentic I will include any type O L is that should say errors that the voice feature put into my typing.


all of the punctuation that you see in this text will also be done by voice in fact comma the only editing that I will do by hand will be when I hit enter to show a paragraph.


I believe that this feature will be a massive game changer for many students all over the world. I am very surprised at the speed in which the voice typing feature can keep up with my voice and very very surprised by the fact that the typing feature seems to have no issue or very little issue, with my Australian accent. this is very interesting to me because Siri on my iPhone can’t understand me at all.


I am well aware that there are many other dictation apps on phones and iPads as well as other voice typing recognition software they have been around for a number of yearsHowever the accuracy of the Google Docs voice typing feature and the user friendly aspect makes it a wonderful tool. given that Google Docs is so widespread with it in education and that cloud based computing has transformed the link between home and school icing that this feature will be something that we will see grow, evolve comma and become irregular cornerstone of many students work!


immediately, I can think of a number of scenarios weather voice typing feature will be of great service. I can imagine the difficulty that students who have suffered an injury, such as a broken hand at football comma will now no longer have to learn to write with the other hand. they will be able to fully participate in all lessons and in many cases may even be able to write and take notes at a much faster speed then they would do when they are fully fit and function g.


one of the real cornerstones for this technology Revolution will be the impact that it can have on special needs. students, who for one reason or another, unable too right at an expected grade level can now have the freedom to fully participate in set class tasks. this means that more students will have the access ability to gain greater Improvement and understanding in the regular lessons.


given that the tool that we are using will be continuously improved and updated over time I can only imagine how effective and accurate it will become.  even reviewing my text here I can see there are only a handful of words that would probably need to be corrected. if this was a written task for a student it would be a wonderful example of the need to teach editing skills in writing.
I hope you have enjoyed this most unusual blog posts it was certainly fun not typing it but speaking it if that’s the correct term indeed. thank you!

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